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Riptide Studio creates a new generation of “Place” focusing on people experience, community development and long-lasting city image and identity.


“Riptide Studio” is the first Chinese “Placemaker" and is dedicated to create vivid environment and thrill people's urban living experiences. Riptide created in 2009 proposes today complete solutions through its cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural expertise combining Place’s Planning, Design and Activation, Researches & Training.


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RIPTIDE Studio - is a “Placemaking" organization created in China since 2009 - Member of the “Placemaking Leadership Council” Founded in 2013 in New York, USA.


The practice of "Placemaking" is deeply rooted in the company's culture and values. Since 2009, Riptide has developed, adapted and enriched this approach to match the needs and evolutions of contemporary Chinese culture and society.




Our action draws its inspiration from the artistic or spatial taskforce that intervene in public space and peripheral territories, from the social and cultural mediations accompanying complex projects of urban renewal in Europe or from the pragmatic American’s approaches organized by themes. After 10 years of research, experimentation and development, Riptide is now the China mainland company able to offer innovative Placemaking solutions, tailored and flexible on any type of project and context.




“Placemaking inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community. Strengthening the connection between people and the places they share, Placemaking refers to a collaborative process by which we can shape our public realm in order to maximize shared value. More than just promoting better urban design, Placemaking facilitates creative patterns of use, paying particular attention to the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support its ongoing evolution”.


With 20 years of experience in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, including 10 years in China, Michael PATTE also holds the prestigious title of “Paysagiste D.P.L.G.” "Diplomed By The Goverment” - The highest and most respected landscape design certification in France.


Member of the “Federation Francaise du Paysage" (FFP), member of the European Federation of Landscape Architects (EFLA), Michael PATTE has developed many projects, characterized by an elegant and poetic design while being pragmatic and rigorous.




His approach of the project is rooted into a comprehensive expertise at all scales and types of projects. His experience and passion for the development of the city and especially its particular dedication to the notion of place, make him a designer and a thinker of the urban space unique, possessing an innate intuition and a remarkable ease to give sense and cohesion to the project.


The diversity of themes and scales of the projects, combined with flexibility and availability, enabled Michael to collaborate smoothly with a large number of structures as a Design Director or Design Consultant - His knowledge of Chinese culture, his urban expertise, his rapidity and the power of his analysis have always been commended and recognized. In 1998, Michael, as a student, already received a European recognition for a work on "The lasting effects of the ephemeral" with a "special mention” and “Jury congratulations” for his territorial approach and the quality of his concept.

The Team
Today, independently, Michael has surrounded himself with a young and motivated team, able to extend his thinking and develop all the stages of the project. This voluntarily restricted and stable team is an ultimate guarantee of dedication to the project, of coherence and quality.
Entrust a project to Riptide Studio is the guarantee of a true approach not only about landscaping but also about social, cultural and economic aspects. The guarantee of a project that will not only be seductive by its aesthetics but will also anticipate the branding and communication efforts, while creating a real place of exchange and social and cultural interaction. A place defined by a true identity and a real experience of the place adapted and understood by the future users.


Research has always been the heart of RIPTIDE's activity. Innovative studio, Riptide since 2009 has experimented, theorized and applied concepts and solutions to define, develop and strengthen new concepts for an alternative urban development especially around the notion of "Placemaking". These notions are now mature and operational to be adapted to Chinese market.


However, many paths still need to be studied and developed, Riptide continues its reflection and develop new lines of research, inviting volunteers and students to push further the research together through theorization and experimentation.




This work takes the form of thesis, academic researches, but also by setting up more empirical projects, where experience brings a confrontation with the Real and is an important part of knowledge.


Riptide offers the opportunity for students, researchers or mere enthusiasts to collaborate on our current projects or to develop new themes by taking an active role in the conceptualization, implementation, reflection and analysis of the results. Riptide is a platform for discussion and exchange offering its culture, experience and material to projects entering in these fields of research.


Willing to share its knowledge and innovative design approaches but also the practice of “Placemaking", Riptide offers training series aimed to anyone who wants to learn and participate more actively in the revolution of the urban and public space.


 These regular or “ad hoc” training sessions are a chance for the students to discover innovative and relevant approach of public space but also a real opportunity to participate in a true multi-disciplinary work within an authentic multi-cultural and international team.




The training consists in two phases. The first theoretical phase resumes the general principles and tools proper to the “Placemaking”. The second is a practical phase where the student is integrated into a concrete project, during which, the student will take responsibility and apply, test the theoretical knowledges learned.


At the end of these two phases, a certificate of training from the “National Placemaking Leadership Council” will be granted and will give him access to a third phase of practice. This phase is reserved for the best students only and proposes them to be part of Riptide team for a continuous and practical training on a specific research topic as a trainee of 6 months minimum, renewable once.


This final step will allow the student to enrich his experience and join the “National Placemaking Leadership Council”, thus offering him the opportunity to use the title of “Placemaker”.


These courses fees for the first two phases may charge individually by the student or sponsored by design companies, developers or local authorities. The classes are intended for everybody: designers, developers, governments, association members or anyone interested to participate and actively develop a more vibrant city, where culture, society and the economy are fully integrated in an inclusive process, where the space focuses on the development of a genuine community and the affirmation of a site-specific identity.


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    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    中国江苏Jiangsu, China南京市规划局Nanjing GovermentProject (all rights reserved) HuiHan Desgin Group design Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio)道路绿化带Road green belt We design a vaulted pedestrian bridge connecting several key regions,such as Gulou Civic Square, the Central traffic circle and the Drum Tower Park. Most important of all is that all the above should not affect the fuctions of the roads aroud ,and also it should ensure the safety of pedestrians. The flow are guided to the center of the island by the bridge, or go through the Central traffic circle to arrive the other side of the road. When standing on the top of the vaulted bridge, people will have a magnificent aerial view of the surrounding landscape, this experience will surely give people a linked feeling between the urban developmen...
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Shenzhen, China Project (all rights reserved): LICA DESIGNDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio)Cloud Park Competiton The design of Shenzhen’s Cloud Park, is both inspired from the cloud technology offering a large variety of user experiences. All about being connected, anywhere, anytime, the cloud offers a integrated new life style . The second inspiration is directly issued from the classical chinese culture of the cloud in the classical painting and symbolism. The design reuse the form and gave a compemporary interpretation. Our ambition here is to connect high-tech and ancient culture, as we believing new life is always insipred by ancestral practices and structure.
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Zhuhai,ChinaClient: VANKE Group.Ltd.Project (all rights reserved): KASDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio)Residential Inheritance the traditional Live philosophy of Zhuhai ,inside living in the hall, outer living in the gallery,in design we use lighting, ventilation and space to define“gray space”to be the most active space factor.“The Edges” and the “Landmarks” widespread on the public space, are a series of set-ups activating spaces and creating events and excitements proper to develop community interactions and sharing.“The Edges”, “Landmarks” and other “Features” are localised in order to attract people but also define a strong identity to the project. The location of each “objects” establish a visual network that aims to stimulate thecuriosity of the visitor and invit...
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Ningbo, ChinaArea: 10000 m²(4 Parks)Client: Ningbo GovernmentProject (all rights reserved): Ningbo landscape architecture design research college Co, LtdDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio) Civic Park The West gate with the design theme ‘city dock’ which aimes to provide enough space for the citizens.Theinside traffic should be convenient and effective, so once the site design language is linear. The site as a gate to thie district ,it requires very open space to accommodate a lot of people.The large neat lawn ensure the opening of the space, while also providing a space big enough to hold events. Structures improve the site’s use of functions, as well as enriching the space styles and functions.
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Ningbo, ChinaArea: 10000 m²(4 Parks)Client: Ningbo GovernmentProject (all rights reserved) : Ningbo landscape architecture design research college Co, LtdDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio) Civic Park West Road with the theme ‘stay the course’ to undertake on the fomer rope-type flow line language.In this project we use the streamlined teardrop-shaped. The Neat lawn with a different heights to creat a modern landscape space and water features continued the teardrop-shaped language, in order to form a unified whole landscape. At the intersection of the street, we take full advantage of the large water feature to create venues landmark landscape.
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Ningbo, ChinaArea: 10000 m²(4 Parks)Client: Ningbo GovernmentProject (all rights reserved) : Ningbo landscape architecture design research college Co, LtdDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio) Civic Park This park's theme is "Release the moorings". In order to record its historic roal we designed this park in a port form, which will not only tell the story of a growing city in the evolutionary process, but also a symbol of sailing enthusiastic spirit to the city of Ningbo. The design language comes from the sailing cable, all these are reflected on the linear path, boardwalk, expanded plaza and structures. Aimed to make full use of the river landscape, we use the different distances changes between road and river to provide a differe...
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Ningbo, ChinaArea: 10000 m²(4 Parks)Client: Ningbo GovernmentProject (all rights reserved): Ningbo landscape architecture design research college Co, LtdDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio) Civic Park The Sakura park with the design theme park is 'celebration',aiming to provide residents experience life in a place of leisure, in addition to the waterfront, and the advantages of abundant water inside, it can form a more comprehensive parkland. In this space, the use of cherry create a romantic celebration of the theme of the site. Cherry combinated with churches, cafes and other leisure facilities together to create a romantic atmosphere of the venue.And the furniture design also in a romantic style to reflect the site "celebration&...
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Jiangsu, ChinaArea: 134 HaProject (all rights reserved): LICA DESIGNDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio) Governement Building, Civic Park and Plaza The form of the building in the site comes from the water drops in the water, we design the landscape in the form of the ripples to continue the architectural design concept , in this way we form dynamics of power control, and the entire park design use this design language to make landscape to be a whole one . Modern design language gives the site a simple, modern form ,the spatial form, gradients of the cool colors further enhances this feeling. In the design we make full use of water resources within the site, and appropriately to design abundant water spaces. Consider the use of space,with appropr...
    Release Time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    Location: Dongying, ChinaArea: 16 HaClient: Dongying GovernmentProject (all rights reserved): LayoutDesign: Michael PATTE (RIPTIDE Studio)Park & Planning Competition
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